About Suntton

A Chemical Manufacturer

Suntton is a private company jointly owned by investors and employees. Since its early stage, the company has positioned itself as a quality chemical service provider to a variety of industries, domestically and internationally. Today, Suntton is recognized as a global supplier of a broad range of chemicals for research and industrial uses. It owns and manages several well equipped chemical plants and R&D labs.

Chemical Products Offering

Suntton manufactures specialty and fine chemicals designed for an array of industries. Besides producing a catalogue of products, which are aimed at the domestic as well as the international market, Suntton’s plants are also used for custom, contract or toll manufacturing. Suntton has a proud track record in multi-step reactions and a highly praised expertise in process development, scale up and optimization. It is also much-admired for solving chemical engineering problems. Flexibility and professionalism of its chemists and technicians allow for coordinated and timely response to most innovative inquiries and requests.

Using and constantly updating in-house expertise in various chemical families and satisfying customer needs with continuous quality and yield improvements are the company's mottos. Markets served encompass the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. Chemicals families include Hydrazine derivatives (Carbazates and Azodicarboxylates), Phosgene derivatives (Chloroformates and Isocyanates), Trifluorobenzene derivatives, various ethers and Alcohols and a variety of Heterocyles. Other complex intermediates and specialty chemicals complementary to these families are also produced.

Chemical Production Capabilities

Chemicals are produced in a variety of equipment set up at different Suntton sites. They include:

A facility for thousand-tons basic production processes

Multi-purposes plants for multi-tons productions of fine chemicals

A multi-purpose pilot facility and a kilo lab for product and process development and small volume p

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Respect Of Health, Safety And Environment

Suntton has always recognized that its business does not have to conflict with the protection of environment at the local as well as the global level and is committed to the health and safety of its employees the. It has accreditation with the ISO14001 Environmental Management System. This does not compromise its commitment to quality and its maintenance of 24-hour quality control certified to ISO 9002.


Mission Statement

Suntton shall be a world-class provider of fully integrated chemical manufacturing services. Quality of its products, trust of its customers, health, safety and advancement of its employees as well as conservation of the environment will never be compromised for fast and ephemeral gains. Recognition from its customers/partners for delivering excellence and appreciation from its employees for providing well-being and enrichment should be its prime concerns.

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