Suntton Manufacturing

Manufacturing Capabilities
- Flexibility and Professionalism in Chemical Production

Suntton manufactures specialty and fine chemicals designed for an array of industries. Besides producing a catalogue of products, which are aimed at the domestic as well as the international market, the plants are used for custom, contract or toll manufacturing. Suntton has a proud track record in multi-step reactions and a highly praised expertise in process development, scale up and optimization. It is also much-admired for solving chemical engineering problems. Flexibility and professionalism of its chemists and technicians allow for coordinated and timely response to most innovative inquiries and requests.

Markets served encompass the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. Suntton's product strategy focuses also on meeting the requirements of various niche market applications, where high quality, moderate volumes (1-100 MT) and still reasonable costs are the main features. Using and constantly updating in-house expertise in various chemical families and satisfying customer needs with continuous quality and yield improvements are the company's mottos.

Chemical Production Facilities
- A Variety of Plant Size and Configuration

Suntton’s production has mainly taken place at Dahua Chemicals facility located in Binhai Chemical Industrial Park. The newly opened state- of-the art Hwelea Fine Chemicals facility, which will be fully operational by June 2013, and located within Xinyi Chemical Industrial Park, will allow Suntton to expand its manufacturing capacity and capabilities in order to meet its expected growth and to broaden its diversification. Those industrial parks are about 500 km north of Shanghai and 200 km apart.

Chemicals are produced in a variety of equipment set up at the different Suntton sites:

  • A multi-purpose pilot facility and a kilo lab for product development, process development and small volume productions. It allows the manufacture of 0.5 to 200 kg lots via multi-step synthesis and a variety of purification processes.
  • Multi purposes plants for multi- tons productions (1- 100 MT) of fine chemicals. A typical batch of finished liquid or solid product varies in volume between 100 and 1000 kg. Because of the wide range of reactions, which could be carried out in these plants, the selection of products offered is broad in terms of chemical functionality and potential use. With the completion, expected for June 2013, of a new state –of- the-art facility, Suntton will also be able to offer complex advanced chemical intermediates.
  • A facility for thousands-tons basic production processes. It includes a set of semi dedicated units running Chorination, Fluoridation, Bromination, Nitration and Hydrogenation for the production of Benzotrifluoride compounds and derivatives or to make raw materials for downstream processes.

Catalogue Products
- From Elaborate Molecules to Commodity-like Products

The catalogue of product includes chemicals used in small volume because of their substantial activity at very low levels, like the plant growth regulator brassinolide or the chiral selector DIKGA. They are mostly made by multistep synthesis or require elaborate purification techniques in our pilot plant.

A variety of fine and specialty chemicals are produced in our multipurpose plants. A typical batch of finished liquid or solid products varies in volume between 100 and 1000 kg. Because of the wide range of reactions which could be carried out in these plants, the selection of products offered is broad in terms of chemical functionality and potential use. They include intermediates for the synthesis of agrochemicals, actives (technical) for the formulation of agrochemicals, intermediates for the synthesis of API and few formulated specialty chemicals. With the addition of the Hewlea Fine Chemicals plant, the multipurpose production capacity of Suntton is significantly enhanced. Moreover, it broadens its capabilities into a new range of reaction, including phosgene reactions using di-phosgene and tri-phosgene, and allows Suntton to offer a larger selection of more advanced intermediates for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry. While not yet FDA approved, this new facility is able to cooperate closely with GMP approved plants for the synthesis of API

The Benzotrifluoride families of products have been manufactured in our semi-dedicated units for more than 10 years. They are mostly liquid form products made on a multi-ton scale by batch operation. Consistency in making these chemicals results from a long experience in Chlorination, Fluoridation, Bromination and Nitration processes. Current development and scale-up activities into downstream processes, such as reactions using triphosgene, are aimed to future vertical extension of product lines.

Specific Manufacturing Arrangements
- Experience and Expertise to Share

Custom, toll or contract manufacturing are long terms negotiated arrangements which convert Suntton's customers into partners. Suntton is committed to expand on this type of relationship not only because it wants to fill up its increasing production capacity but also because it believes this leads to win-win situations.

Suntton is relatively new in the practice of this type of activity but its personnel are regularly trained to the concept and its structure has been aligned accordingly. From R&D lab to pilot plant, factory and shipping/logistic department, every staff member has for goal to find solutions beneficial to the company and its customers. Typically, it starts by a discussion about specific products or processes with customers. This very often expands into active cooperation and leads to common participation in upstream or downstream development and production projects.

Positioning itself as a provider of fully integrated chemical manufacturing services, Suntton is willing to take up small or large manufacturing projects whether or not it has to outsource some phases of it to a reputable affiliated third party. For instance it is able and well fitted to run multi-step synthesis and manufacture fairly advanced intermediates and specialty products in its plants. However, for pharmaceutical applications it is not yet equipped to go all the way to the finished regulated active ingredient. Nevertheless, it has a special relationship with a local cGMP and FDA approved facility, which it could subcontract for the final critical manufacturing steps needed to produce an API.

Integrity And Trust
- A Trusted and Securing Partner

Long-term business relationships only survive on trust and integrity. Suntton has established ethical code as a discipline, which regulates all of its activities and ensures that clients' commercial and technical interests are strictly protected. Moreover, confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection are essential to Suntton's business. The broad principles of CDA are therefore fully enforced, maintaining Suntton's reputation as a trusty partner.

Quality Of Service (Quality Assurance)
- Consistency, Reliability and Safety of Supply

Suntton's chemical engineers are experienced in a variety of reactions and processes and they make sure that managers, supervisors and foremen follow SOP and minimize the risk of contamination during the fast turnaround of vessels and equipment. The worker teams, especially on the multipurpose plant, are chosen for their ability to handle frequent switches of process, adjust rapidly to new tasks and work on multi-step processes. Safety of Suntton's workers is a priority. This is insured by regular training of personnel. Each worker is therefore qualified to properly handle all kind of raw materials and intermediates, including hazardous chemicals, such as hydrazine and carbonate. This allows for the optimization of the factory operation and for making timely delivery of quality products a routine.

In modern society where commitment to quality is a must, Suntton maintains 24-hour quality control certified to ISO 9002. Its QA chief, with a long experience in top airplane/auto safety-belt maker, has brought to Suntton the excellence in quality that is now the norm in these industries. Certificates of Analysis reports the accurate results of standardized tests and details of methods and measurements are always available upon request.

Health Safety And Environment
- Friendly to Earth Resources and Concerned for Well-being

Suntton has always recognized that its business does not have to conflict with the protection of environment at the local as well as the global level. Environmental friendly operation has been a build-in concept since Suntton was established as a chemical manufacturer. Actually the company abides by much higher environmental standards than the ones set by the Chinese authority. Concerns about the community well-being go in concert with the commitment to the health and safety of the employees. Suntton follows the recommendations to recycle as much as possible by-products in order to minimize waste generation and for energy conservation purpose. It has accreditation with the ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

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